Sam Agar

Sam Agar has been writing for many years, enjoying a passion for fiction from a young age. With a BA in English and Film Studies, Sam has also completed a Masters in Creative Writing in the University of Limerick and was most recently published in Silver Apples magazine.

Paula Dias Garcia

Paula Dias Garcia is a writer and graphic designer from Brasília. She has recently finished her MA in Creative Writing in the University of Limerick, and her works include the YA Kyra, the non-fiction O Campo de Batalha Sou Eu [I am the Battlefield] and short stories in Silver Apples magazine and Riverbed Review.

Aisling Murphy

Aisling Murphy is a young writer from Donegal who recently finished an MA in English at the University of Limerick, after graduating with a BA in New Media and English. She has been reading and writing short stories from a young age and is currently working on a novella.