Who is Sans. PRESS?

There are many things we want Sans. PRESS to be: an editorial imprint; an independent publisher; a staunch supporter of new voices in literature; a constant presence in your bookshelves.

As of right now, we are a collective of friends who are in love with telling stories, and who are passionate about sharing them. We are united in our passion for finding new voices, new narratives, new ways of seeing and sharing the world. And as we progress in this project, this will always be what’s at the core of Sans. PRESS: finding stories that fascinate us.

The name itself is a nod at that – Sans. PRESS is named after herself, the Sansevieria:

At first glance, it’s a common houseplant. Growing up, it was always just there in my home, unremarkable – until I asked about it. When the story was told, it became a source of wonder, magic, family heritage. Thirty years old, the Sansevieria at my home had been tended by two generations of women, was named after St. George’s sword, and it was believed to ward off all sorts of evil.

And this is what Sans. PRESS is about, digging beneath the surface and finding the fascinating stories that were always just hanging about, waiting for something to ask about them.

This doesn’t mean we are uniquely interested in fantasy and magical realism. Our reading interests vary with time and context, so the plan is to have Sans. PRESS oscillate between genres in each edition, using thematic submission calls to create connection and cohesion between stories. For our first issue, we went looking for secrets, and now we are looking for what makes hearts beat faster!

We are in for the surprise. We hope you are too!